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Turnkey Mobile Marketing Business In A Box

Mobile Marketing is the Fastest Growing industry in the world today! In fact, the mobile movement is growing faster than the internet and .com boom of the late 80’s and early 90’s. By 2016 more people will access the internet through mobile devices than traditional desktop computers!  Text messaging just keeps growing.  People are anxiously waiting to receive a text and always read what they get sent.  Big business has discovered this inexpensive marketing method, but the small business owner has been left out.  This is where you come in to fill a void, and make you money and at the same time helping the little guy with the pizza store on the corner.

The Mobile Movement is creating the Greatest business opportunity in history for entrepreneurs to grab their own slice of a 50 Billion dollar pie! Recognizing this opportunity and getting in on the ground floor Now can position yourself to be earning Thousands of dollars in monthly residual income. You can build a business that has a long term growth strategy and will provide years of recurring income, while creating Rock Solid business relationships with customers that consider you a vital part of their success!


No Experience Needed!

You do not need any prior experience with mobile marketing to start your new business today! SmsMobileSolutions provides you with everything you need to start your business right now. Our Turnkey Business sets you up with a Professional Website and instantly gives you an Online Presence. The site is full of content for selling your Text Message Marketing services. You can choose to leave the content as is, or use the simple wordpress administration area to edit or change the content to anything you like.  We have even included beautiful pre-made pages for selling Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and even mobile websites.  They are there for you to use if and when you choose to expand into those markets


Text Message Marketing With MMS For USA And Canada.  More As Twilio Expands.

Your new business comes with SmsMobileSolutions revolutionary Text Message Marketing Platform built right in. It’s 100% Automated so you never need to touch a thing, leaving you with more time to focus on your customers and growing your business. Clients can purchase phone numbers from 8 countries and send messages to over 190 countries.  The graphic interface is simple to use and will impress your customers. Convincing your customers that this is “Something They Can Do” and “Something They Need”, becomes easy after a simple demonstration of your Text Message Marketing Platform. Your customers will easily be able to start their first Text Message Marketing Campaign within minutes of registering on your site! Once your customers see how effective Text Message Marketing is they will be your customer for life. Best of all, You Set The Prices! You purchase message credits from Twilio at just 0.0075 of a cent Per Message and one dollar per phone number and then set your own price to sell to your customers. 0.0075 of a cent Per Message is  the lowest rates in the industry.  You simply put your credit card on file with Twilio and set a threshold such as twenty dollars, and as your customers buy from you it replenishes your Twilio account when your balance drops below your threshold number.  So if you paying Twilio, its because you are making lots of money There are no contracts to sign with us or Twilio.   This is a online risk free business that you can only stand to gain from.  We are here for you if you need us!


Offline Marketing

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Local Businesses right outside your front door that know they need to join the Mobile Marketing Movement, but have no idea where to start or begin. Business is slow and they want and need an Affordable option to grow their business. They have searched the internet for a solution and found an endless number of results and options, only leaving them more frustrated and confused with a sense of hopelessness. They Need someone to Show Them The Way, and you Can be that someone.

You don’t need to know anything about PPC advertisements like Google Adwords, article marketing, social bookmarking, media buys, link exchanges, search engine optimization, etc. You don’t need to be a Guru on any of these topics to run a Successful SmsMobileSolutions Business, because all your customers are right outside your front door, down the street, and around the corner. In fact, you probably frequent a few of those Local Businesses and know how much they could benefit from the services you will be offering.

That’s the power of Offline Marketing. With your new business from SmsMobileSolutions you instantly get a Professional Online Presence that provides the services and answers Local Businesses in your area are already looking for, at a price they can Afford.


You Become The Guru

When you show Local Businesses your simple plan to launch their business into the Mobile Marketing Movement, you become their Guru! They already want to use Text Message Marketing. They just don’t know where to begin. When you Show Them The Way at a price they Can Afford, you create Rock Solid business relationships with customers that consider you a vital part of their success! Now you are their Go-To-Guy for all of their Mobile Marketing needs.


But… I’m Not A Guru

How can I pass myself off as a Mobile Marketing Guru when I’m not one? That’s O.K. Remember we said “No Experience Needed”, and we meant it. Your new business from SmsMobileSolutions includes a Professionally Developed Website that instantly gives you an online presence and credibility.  Over time, as your business grows, you’ll surpass the learning curve and everything about Mobile Marketing will become second nature to you.


So What’s Included?

SmsMobileSolutions Business In A Box comes with everything listed below:

A Professionally Designed website that instantly gives your business credibility and an Online Presence. Your site is built using the most user friendly content management system, WordPress! You can access the WordPress administration area to make any changes to the content on your website if you like, however, your site comes preloaded with all the content as shown on our demo site!

Our Text Message Marketing Platform completely branded with your Business Name. A full administration area for you to manage the Text Message Marketing Platform. From here you can set your own prices and monitor your customers activity.

SmsMobileSolutions will also provide you with Unlimited Support. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We pride ourselves on the fact that that the SmsMobileSolutions Business In A Box has helped so many people create a Successful Business they are proud of. Their success is our success, and we want all of our business owners to Succeed.


I’m Ready To Order

We want to put this offer within the reach of everyone, because we know that the SmsMobileSolutions Business In A Box has the proven track record to change the lives of Hundreds and Thousands of people wanting to start their own business. The SmsMobileSolutions Business In A Box is a tried and tested solution that has proven success. Real people use our business model everyday and generate Thousands Of Dollars in monthly income. In fact, 93% of all our customers reported getting at least 1 customer within the first month of starting their Mobile Marketing business! 68% reported getting 2 or more new customers in their first month, and 26% reported that they landed their first customer within the first week!

Order Today And Get Your Complete SmsMobileSolutions Business In A Box For Only $29.95 Per Month


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