Professional Sales Website

Professional Sales Website

First, sets you up with a professional wordpress website and instantly gives you an online presence. The site consists of approximately 14 pages full of content for selling your Text Message Marketing services.  You can choose to leave the content as is, or use the simple wordpress administration area to edit or change the content to anything you like. In addition we have provided professionally made pages for  Custom Mobile Websites, Custom Facebook Fan Pages, and Custom Twitter Pages. You can easily deploy the pages if you choose to expand into those businesses.  Even if you do not want to do the work yourself you can outsource the work to people already making Custom Mobile Sites, Facebook Fan Pages or Twitter Pages.  You make money and do nothing but pass it on as an affiliate.

Second, you have a custom developed user area for your Text Message Marketing Platform. This is the bulk of the site and everything from account creation, billing, credit management, and campaigns is completely automated, requiring no work from you. The features of this Text Message Marketing Platform are extensive but made simple and you will not find anything like it readily available for purchase.

Finally, you have a custom developed admin area to completely manage your Text Message Marketing platform. Again, the features of this Text Message Marketing Platform admin area are extensive as well is simple to use and you will not find anything like it readily available for purchase.

Complete White Label Solution provides you with a completely white label solution. We don’t require anything on your website that references our website! Your customers and visitors go to your website and stay on your website. Everything is hosted on your domain so you don’t need to worry about your Valuable Customers needing to login to their text message marketing accounts by being redirected to our website, like other so called white label providers. With white label solutions like that, your customers can abandon ship and simply join your sources website. But not with Your customers have no way to discover that is your source!



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