Text Marketing Platform

Built in punch card reward system

You decide the number of punches it takes, and even a expiration date. When someone comes in and mentions your promotion, you give them a keyword to get a punch. The customer must already be on a list, and if they try to get two punches from the same loyalty keyword they get a sorry message you’ve setup.

Easy Group Texting

Sending mass text messages couldn’t be easier. With our simple interface for blasting out texts, we’ll help to make your life stress-free!

Direct Dial or Keyword Signup.

We offer two ways for people to join your list. Have as many keywords as you would like tied to a long code number or clients can just call a number and get a text for your list by calling your long code number. Each text word is unique and represents a different list. Have as many keywords as you would like.

Text Message Scheduling

Easily schedule text messages to go out on any date and time. You can set up a single campaign, or take care of several month’s worth of promotions all at once. Send to multiple list. Built in no duplication system for subscribers on more than one list.


Auto replies are the messages that your customers receive after sending your text word to your long code number. You setup a auto reply and a message for someone that is already on your list

Realtor or Car Sales Pro

USA and Canada only. Easily attach pictures and videos to a keyword to send to clients that the assigned keyword. Also get instant notification of your lead via a text to yourself. All your links are automatically shortened so they don’t take up as many characters in your text messages.

Text to Win

Contests are a great way to engage your audience and build your list at the same time! Have people text join a list to enter for a chance to win. You can randomly award your winners all 100% automatically. Set click it and someone wins!

Detailed Analytics

Gain some incredibly useful insight into your text marketing efforts. With everything from opt in/out graphs to geographical stats, your covered on all the important things you need to know.

Website Signup Widgets

Paste a simple snippet of code on your website or Facebook page to allow your visitors to sign up for your text lists right there with a smart phone.

Built In Fraud Protection

To keep people from abusing deals you offer, our system only allows each person to get your welcome auto reply once. If they opt out and then opt back in, they’ll get your already a member message you setup.

Create Your Own Coupons

USA and Canada only.Create coupons or even Ecards with our tools for uploading and embedding text into a image. Easily brand any image you send out to your list.

Market Your Keywords

We give you tools to easily create a poster with your QR codes for your keyword lists. Just enter a message to go with the QR code and print, and post them wherever! People can then join your SMS marketing list with ease!

Segment Your Contacts

With our segmenting tool, you can easily move subscribers within your text marketing lists to other list. Sort by area code, city, state, date subscribed an more! It’s extremely powerful and extremely easy to use!

Upload Your Subscriber Lists

Have a text message marketing list from somewhere else? Choose a list to add them to, Enter a invite message which they reply Yes to, Upload your list and the invites instantly go out!

You Can Count On Your Message Getting Through.

Every message sent with us goes to the cell phone carriers , not email, so everyone gets your texts! Have a large list, purchase extra phone numbers which can also be used for direct dial enrolling and also enables your list to be sent fast.

Store Unlimited Contacts

Have as many phone numbers signed up for your text marketing / SMS marketing lists as possible. Your list knows no limits! Only you have the option of deleting them.

JUST $29.95 A Month